Friday, August 31, 2007

I Am not alone

Jo Ankhain jheel jaise houn
Unhain darya nahe kehte

Jo manzar sha'har jaisa ho
Ussay sehraa nahe kehtay

Na janay uss ke dil main
Mehfilain aabad houn kitni

Akaila jo bhe baitha ho
Ussay tanha nahe kehte

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Twelve Signs to know if you love someone

When you are on the phone with him/her late at night and he/she hang up, you still miss him/her even when it was just two minutes ago.

You walk really slowly when you are with him/her

You feel shy whenever he/she is around

You smile when you hear his/her voice

When you look at him/her you can not see the other people around u, you just see him/her

He/she is all what you think about

You realize you are always smiling when you are looking at him/her

You would do anything for him/her, just to see him/her

While reading this there was one person in your mind the whole time

You are so busy thinking about that person, you did not notice number seven was missing


You just scrolled up to check and now silently laughing at yourself

Friday, August 24, 2007

Destination Lost

She unlocked the door and entered in room. It was her room but the way she entered, was not the same.
She looked at the walls as she has never seen them before, blood red walls; the room she use to call hot because of its red painted walls now for her was hotter then ever ,just like hell.
Tears fell from her eyes and rolled over her cheeks. Her feelings were altogether in contrast when she left in the morning.
She jumped on the bed, closed her eyes and took a deep long breath and asked herself.
“Who am I?”
“Where I am?”
“Am I leading my life? Or it is the life leading me?”
Whoever is leading was not the matter for her at that moment, the question was; where is it leading her?
For her, at that moment life was like stagnant water, still and stinky, she found herself at the same point in life where she was one year back.
She was thinking where did that year go? Or she is trapped in a blind alley, where she does not know where to go.
May be, she is in a blind alley but still walking with the hope that she may find light someday.
Another question popped in her mind.
Am I living my life or the life living me?
She thought for a moment and smiled; whoever lives was not the question again, who wins in the end was the question.
She knew the answer.
Yes, Death wins in the end; she murmured, smiled with tears in her eyes.
Closed her eyes and slept that she may find the destination in dreams.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

suljhey suljhey baloo.n wali larki se main poochoo.n gaa

uljha uljha rehney wala larka kesa lagta hey ?

Monday, August 20, 2007

when my heart will cease to beat
these lungs will no more breathe
sun will shine,i won't feel the heat
birds will sing, i ll not pay any heed
spring will come,buti ll not sing
life's tune ll not in my ear's ring

will it matter how many joys i had?
whether i was crowned or in patched cloths clad?
if i lived poorly or enjoyed sun beams?
Or whether fate answered all my wild dreams?

No! my wishes will be buried along with me
These shadows will fly the moment i cease to be
Oh Heart! wish less prepare for infinity
Escape the world's trap,you belong to eternity
Death's angel might be just lurking around
Don't settle yourself here, a departure is bound

Come let's empty ourselves of useless trash
Of wishes to paltry and actions too rash
Open our hearts to nothing,but dear Allah above
O! Lover of mirages!
Come Drown in divine Love.....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Believe in yourself

Never believe
what the line of your hand predicts
about your future
people who dont have hands
have a future..