Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saying Thank You & Sorry ....

Few days back I came across a lady on orkut, who is professional writer, a regular blogger and only reader of my blogs and I asked her
why people say thank you and why say sorry....specially sorry...
she replied ;

Why not? The answer is simply, "Why Not?" Why are we so hesitant to be grateful to the other person when he/she has done something nice for us? We never deserved it, it was their kindness that they saw beauty in us and appreciated us for who we are. Even though it was the simplest thing to do, they made us happy. Why cant we be thankful? Are we too arrogant or too overconfident to say the simple word? Or can't we not be humble enough? So why not? Why wouldn't i say thank you when someone out there makes me feel good about myself?Same goes with Sorry. We are too quick to make the mistakes and hurt other people but we don't have the heart to confront our behavior. Those who cannot face their own mistakes are the biggest cowards.


As far as "Why not" is concerned for Thank You part, I agree with what she said , that why are we so hesitant in thanking other person when they do something for us even when we never deserve it sometimes. We are not even thankful to the One who has given us all the essentials and luxuries of life, who created us, when we can not say thanks to him then how do I expect, a human thanking another human.

But I do not agree that we are hesitant in saying sorry and it’s not the same with sorry its altogether is in contrast. We have a simple solution to all our blunders and mistakes, a simple five letter word “Sorry”. I am not an English guy and don’t have excellent command on this language but I really appreciate the language which has given such a simple word to get rid of all your blunders.
Hurt someone and say sorry, how simple it is now to play with feelings then to feel and say sorry.
But sorry cannot make a dead man alive, don’t u think so? Accepting the sorry means giving other person a chance to hurt you again, to repeat the same mistake, to make the blunder again, while accepting the sorry get yourself ready to hear the word again.

I think this word is a real hurdle in disguise in man’s dealing in society because he/she has this magical word “Sorry” always in the pocket.
And we never feel sorry we should feel it often. Do we ever feel sorry that we are unable to say thanks to our Lord?For us Sorry is a simple escape from all our mistakes.

Sorry-----------------but I really hate the word “Sorry”.

I am thankful to you for reading all what I have written and I am sorry for taking your few precious minutes. :) I am sorry, means i have warned you I am going to take your precious time again.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Well...thank you for quoting me :)

I think it is a cynical approach towards "sorry". Sorry is a beginning towards making amendments in ur attitude. Sorry tells the other person that you feel bad about what you did. The damage is done and the chances of undoing it are seldom, but at least you can make the other person feel better by accepting that it was a mistake and that you regret it( and a lot of times, we do regret it).
Its better than nothing, right? I have seen people who hurt others deliberately and don't feel bad about it and that makes one feel more miserable than ever.

MT said...

i agree with u. saying sori just aint enuf for sum stuff.