Sunday, July 29, 2007

State vs. Religion

Still thinking about operation in lal masjid , who is guilty ? Govt. or the president, army or the students of lal masjid? Was that operation Unislamic? Or the students of Islamic institution were studying and preaching Unislamic stuff?
None of it was Unislamic.
Now we should come to the fundamental question.

State vs. Religion

Initially one will think....religion exists within state and state should define the boundaries and limits for any activity.
Do they co exist?
No, they do not co-exist.
Either becomes a Pakistani or a Muslim.
State does not exist in religion and Islam does NOT define a country or STATE, Islam does NOT define geological geographical boundaries.
RELIGION defines a community and people in Islam, Not STATE; there’s no concept of a STATE in Islam. since we cannot live without a state in modern times , all we can do is to have a state that coincides with all the cannons of our religion, which is NOT Pakistan.

That is the west concept ,that state rules are above the religion but in Islam state is governed by the religion, as in west they have liberalize the concept of religion that what ever you do we will not interfere in your personal matters and group of religious people also have no right to interfere in state matters.
Islam does not teach this Individualism.
Take the example of Companions of Prophet Muhammad, when they govern the state or rule a province they always give peace and respect to minorities but never allow any muslin or non-muslin to interfere or Play with Islamic values.In my opinion state is never above the religion and its religion that governs the state not the state that governs religion.


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