Sunday, July 29, 2007

State vs. Religion

Still thinking about operation in lal masjid , who is guilty ? Govt. or the president, army or the students of lal masjid? Was that operation Unislamic? Or the students of Islamic institution were studying and preaching Unislamic stuff?
None of it was Unislamic.
Now we should come to the fundamental question.

State vs. Religion

Initially one will think....religion exists within state and state should define the boundaries and limits for any activity.
Do they co exist?
No, they do not co-exist.
Either becomes a Pakistani or a Muslim.
State does not exist in religion and Islam does NOT define a country or STATE, Islam does NOT define geological geographical boundaries.
RELIGION defines a community and people in Islam, Not STATE; there’s no concept of a STATE in Islam. since we cannot live without a state in modern times , all we can do is to have a state that coincides with all the cannons of our religion, which is NOT Pakistan.

That is the west concept ,that state rules are above the religion but in Islam state is governed by the religion, as in west they have liberalize the concept of religion that what ever you do we will not interfere in your personal matters and group of religious people also have no right to interfere in state matters.
Islam does not teach this Individualism.
Take the example of Companions of Prophet Muhammad, when they govern the state or rule a province they always give peace and respect to minorities but never allow any muslin or non-muslin to interfere or Play with Islamic values.In my opinion state is never above the religion and its religion that governs the state not the state that governs religion.

Friday, July 20, 2007

i dont have anything to publish today
my words are scattered,everywhere one the paper
donot not know,how to arrange them..
sometime its so hard to draw a single line out of so many words
i m confused
i m sad
i m blue (thats y the font is blue :(
i m worried
about current unstability in my country.
thinking about...........
State vs religion
do they co-exist.
Either to become a pakistani or a muslim...
will give the verdict on monday

today i just have a pic to share
Took this from my cell cam

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Someone is at the door again, my weeping heart, no, no one
Perhaps a passerby, who will go somewhere else

The night has passed, waiting, the star-dust is settling
Sleepy candle-flames are flickering in distant palaces
Every pathway has passed into sleep, tired of waiting
Alien dust has smudged all traces of footsteps
Blow out the candles, let the wine and cup flow
Close and lock your sleepless doors
No one, no one will come here now.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

you are Never Alone....

This creature
We know as man
Is one big chaos
Of desires and thoughts.
Even when lonely
He’s never alone
For in his breast
Lies hidden
A tumultuous crowd.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Silent Echo..

Nobody listens to him,he is constantly in pain and agony since he came into being. He, cripple by birth will be sixty next
month but still carrying everybody on his shoulders and trying to move ahead.Every child who opens eye in his home,borns with
the debt of 28000 Rs,yes i am talking about my Pakistan. Standing on crutches of feudal lords and bureaucrates,crutches support each other very well but they don't bother to whom
they are supporting, they just want to make sure that their old pateint never gets well and remain depandant on them.

Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm sorry that you're hurting so desperately right now. I know how painful the seconds, and minutes, and days can be, how long the nights are. I understand how very hard hanging on is, and how much courage it takes. I ask though that you hold onto one day at a time. Just one day, and slowly this despair will pass. The feelings you fear you're trapped in will serve their purpose, and then fade away. Difficult to imagine isn't it? Almost impossible to believe when every cell in your body it seems cries out in agony, desperately in need of comfort. When it feels like the only thing in the whole world that can touch your pain and banish it is beyond your grasp. And after all this time, the assurance that you will heal has become an empty, broken promise. Just let one tiny cell in your body continue to believe in the promise of healing. Just one. You can surrender every other cell to your despair. Just that one little cell of faith that you can heal and be whole again is enough to keep you going, is enough to lead you through the darkness. Although it can't banish your suffering, it can sustain you until the time comes for you to let your pain go. And the letting go can only occur in it's own time, as much as we would like to push the pain away forever.Hold on. Hold on to appreciate the beauty of the earth, to feel the songs of the birds in your heart, to learn and to teach, to laugh a genuine laugh, to dance on the beach, to rest peacefully, to experience contentment, to want to be no other place but in the here and now, to trust in yourself, and to trust your life. Hold on because it's worth the terrible waiting. Hold on because you are worthy. Hold on because the wisdom that will follow you out of this darkness will be a tremendous gift. Hold on because you have so much love and joy waiting to be experienced. Hold on because life is precious, even though it can bring terrible losses. Hold on because there is so much that you can't now imagine waiting ahead on your journey - a destiny that only you can fulfill. Hold on although your exhausted and your grasp is shaky, and you want more than anything to let go sometimes, hold on even though. Please hold on.So much in life can be difficult, even impossible to understand. I know, I know... So many of us have cried in despair, "why?" "why?" "why?," and still the answers and the comfort failed to show. Survival can be a long and lonely road, in spite of all those who've stumbled down the path before you. And it can be a treacherous, torturous journey - so easy to get lost, and yet impossible to avoid even one painful step.And the light, the light at the end of the dark tunnel for so long cannot be seen, although eventually you'll begin to feel its' warmth as you move forward. And forward you must move in order to get through the hell of remembering, of despair, of rage, of grief. Keep looking forward please. Rest if you must, doubt your ability to survive the journey if you have to, but never let go of the guide ropes, although when you close your fingers around them, your hands feel empty, they are there. Please trust me, they are there… When you're exhausted, when all you have to count on is a weakened, weary faith, hold on. When you think you want to die, hold on until you recognize that it's not death you seek, but for the pain to go away. Hold on, because this darkness will surely fade away. Hold on…Please hold on.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saying Thank You & Sorry ....

Few days back I came across a lady on orkut, who is professional writer, a regular blogger and only reader of my blogs and I asked her
why people say thank you and why say sorry....specially sorry...
she replied ;

Why not? The answer is simply, "Why Not?" Why are we so hesitant to be grateful to the other person when he/she has done something nice for us? We never deserved it, it was their kindness that they saw beauty in us and appreciated us for who we are. Even though it was the simplest thing to do, they made us happy. Why cant we be thankful? Are we too arrogant or too overconfident to say the simple word? Or can't we not be humble enough? So why not? Why wouldn't i say thank you when someone out there makes me feel good about myself?Same goes with Sorry. We are too quick to make the mistakes and hurt other people but we don't have the heart to confront our behavior. Those who cannot face their own mistakes are the biggest cowards.


As far as "Why not" is concerned for Thank You part, I agree with what she said , that why are we so hesitant in thanking other person when they do something for us even when we never deserve it sometimes. We are not even thankful to the One who has given us all the essentials and luxuries of life, who created us, when we can not say thanks to him then how do I expect, a human thanking another human.

But I do not agree that we are hesitant in saying sorry and it’s not the same with sorry its altogether is in contrast. We have a simple solution to all our blunders and mistakes, a simple five letter word “Sorry”. I am not an English guy and don’t have excellent command on this language but I really appreciate the language which has given such a simple word to get rid of all your blunders.
Hurt someone and say sorry, how simple it is now to play with feelings then to feel and say sorry.
But sorry cannot make a dead man alive, don’t u think so? Accepting the sorry means giving other person a chance to hurt you again, to repeat the same mistake, to make the blunder again, while accepting the sorry get yourself ready to hear the word again.

I think this word is a real hurdle in disguise in man’s dealing in society because he/she has this magical word “Sorry” always in the pocket.
And we never feel sorry we should feel it often. Do we ever feel sorry that we are unable to say thanks to our Lord?For us Sorry is a simple escape from all our mistakes.

Sorry-----------------but I really hate the word “Sorry”.

I am thankful to you for reading all what I have written and I am sorry for taking your few precious minutes. :) I am sorry, means i have warned you I am going to take your precious time again.

Friday, July 13, 2007

On Failure

You sit before me now, head down, while your face seeks shelter in your hands. "I failed," you confess, sounding hollow and broken. I attempt to comfort and reassure you. When you finally look up at me, I'm not seen, and not heard. You're so lost inside of your pain and disappointment that my words can't find you. I can't find you. We sit side by side, both feeling inadequate. Your hurting right now, feeling adrift and sick inside. In my silence, I try to communicate to you that you're not alone. I'm here. Right beside you. And I still believe in you.I decide to write you a letter - one you can carry in your pocket to remind you of my caring. A note to read when you're more open to my message. I know it won't take your pain away or magically transform your beliefs, but maybe it can hold a seed -one which will eventually emerge from the rich and fertile ground in which I lovingly planted it.So you failed. And this failure wounds you so profoundly that it's penetrated deep into your psyche. It may even have become an integral part of who you believe yourself to be. Today, you look into your mirror and see a failure. I look into your eyes and see the wisdom born of pain. And it hurts, this learning. I know. I know. I've felt its sting before. I've been thoroughly haunted by my own mistakes, miscalculations, and self-judgements. I've fallen too. Again and yet again. Just like you, I forget during those moments when my folly is first discovered - what I know. What we both know. Defeat isn't the theme of our unique stories, it isn't what defines who we are, where we'll go or who we'll become. It only reminds us that we're not alone. That we share the legacy of all human-kind, that we all will fail from time to time. Each of us stumbles and is wounded in the fall. Failure, my dear, dear, friend, is a natural offshoot of growth. We churn in it, learn from it, and we become stronger as we struggle to recover from it. In a commencement address delivered at Moorpark College in 1989, James D. Griffen remembered John Kennedy O'Toole, a young writer who won a Pulitzer Prize for his book, "A Confederacy of Dunces." Imagine what it would have felt like to him to achieve this coveted award. How successful, how triumphant, how wonderful he would have felt. I say "would of" because we'll never know how he might have felt. He'll never know. We can only imagine on his behalf, because he never lived to claim his prize. After being rejected by seventeen publishers, he committed suicide. What a strange term, "to commit" suicide, when the act is above all else, a lack of commitment. We must all hold fast in the darkness, for irregardless of the blackness which may surround us - light always eventually illuminates our path. Always…Experience fully the pain of your failure. You must, bless you. I know you must. But when your body and soul grows weary of the sadness, the recriminations, the "what ifs" (and they will), accept the compensations, (however modest) that accompany your misfortune. Learn the lessons that follow behind them. They'll serve you well. You'll be wiser, stronger, and more prepared for the rest of your journey if you take them with you. Rest now if you need to. Grieve if you must. And when you're ready to collect them, let me know. I'll gladly help you gather them up.So what's the moral of this story? Your story? It's not a story about loss, deficiency, and flaws. It's a story about lessons learned, overcoming, moving forward and onward, and most importantly - it is a story about hope.Some of my most cherished tales have touched my heart and at the same time they have made me weep. And though I'm sad for you right now, I want you to know my friend, that I love your story still…

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Loneliness shines in the lonely darkness of NIGHT

@ St. Methews Church